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Mensagem por Andre♥Miriam em 8th Fevereiro 2013, 9:59 am

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Spika Discovers Sweet Yams

This Furnace may look like an ancient artifact to a girl from Zephyr, but the sweet yam that comes from the furnace surely won her heart! This nifty little furnace is only being offered for two weeks. Install the Furnace after purchase to receive a Sweet Yam. Visit a friend's room and check on their furnace to gather even more Yams.

The Furnace will stop giving away Yams after the event. If you plan on purchasing the Furnace, it's better to do it now rather than later!

Furnace Sale : 2/06/2013~2/20/2013 PST
Collect Yams : 2/06/2013~3/06/2013 PST

WHAT:The Furnace is available in the Pangya Shop for a limited time. Furnaces are giving Yams for a limited time as well.
*You can receive 1 yam from your own furnace, and 2~3 from your friend's per day.
*Furnace stays in My Room after the event but will stop giving Yams.
*If you bought a furnace during previous years, it will still work this year!

Spika Discovers Sweet Yams FireFurnace
Fire FurnaceMagical
Fire Furnace that keeps everyone warm during the Winter on Pangya Island. Gives you a Sweet Yam per day. Furnace will give out two more Sweet Yams to the visitors. Yams are only produced during the event duration.

Spika Discovers Sweet Yams SweetYam
Sweet YamToasty
Sweet Yam makes a perfect snack during the cold winter of Pangya Island. Receive 5% increased exp for 2 hours after consumption.

Spika Discovers Sweet Yams GoldenSweetYam
Golden Sweet Yam
Golden Sweet Yam is the rare premium kind of sweet yam. The inside stays sweet while the outer crust stays crunchy. Receive 50% increased exp for 2 hours after consumption.

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