Flight of the Zephyrim

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Flight of the Zephyrim Empty Flight of the Zephyrim

Mensagem por Andre♥Miriam em 8th Fevereiro 2013, 10:16 am

Flight of the Zephyrim 0123_FLIGHToftheZephyrim_L

Flight of the Zephyrim

Put wings on Spika’s back! Get 300 Achievement Points or more by 2/20/2013 to receive Obsidian Guardian Wings.

Flight of the Zephyrim Item_ObsidianGuardianWings
Obsidian Guardian Wings (S)
Increases the chance of hitting Pangya by widening the Pangya Impact Zone. If it rains during a game, the power of the wings will make it so that it continues to rain on the next hole.
This effect won't be activated for players who join a room mid-game.
* Obsidian Guardian Wings will be delivered to your mailbox after maintenance on 2/20/2013

WHEN:Jan. 23, 2013 PST ~ Feb. 20, 2013

WHAT:Obtain 300 Achievement Points or more during the event duration to receive 30 Days of Obsidian Guardian Wings (S)

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