Global Pangya Preview September 2012

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Global Pangya Preview September 2012

Mensagem por Andre♥Miriam em 6th Setembro 2012, 9:25 am

Hello Pangyateers,
Check out what’s coming down the pipe for the month of September on Pangya Island.

Stay Fresh, Play Pangya!
It’s never been a better time to start playing Pangya! Let your friends know about this rare opportunity. New Pangya Players who join Pangya Island between 9/05/2012~ 10/10/2012 will receive a Freshman 2012 Title as well as Freshman Starter Kit!

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors
Are you a Pangya Veteran? Have you played Pangya for over a year? Perhaps for over two years? Or even three? We applaud you for being a veteran of Pangya Island. As a token of our appreciation, log in between 9/06/2012~10/10/2012 and check your mailbox.

Happy Birthday Max
September 17th is Max’s Birthday.

Tell Max Happy Birthday when you see him!
There will be a special Tee Time to celebrate Max’s Birthday on 9/14 and 9/15. Make sure to put your Max Birthday Title on and join us on the greens!

Event Date:
9/14/2012 Thursday 4:00PM PDT
9/15/2012 Friday 11:00AM PDT

How to Participate:
Be ready in Black Papel Free 3, Dolfini Free 3 or Titan Boo Free3 5 minutes before the event
Make sure you have Max Birthday Title equipped upon entering
Join the 100 player tournament room labeled as GM Event (first come first serve)
Stay until the end of the game for prizes

Event Prize:
100 Papel Coupons
36 Love Chocolate
1 Card Remover Box

Will Nell Be Reborn?
Nell is the 10th character, the newest character to join Pangya Island. Nell has many secrets that have not been revealed yet. Completing all of Nell’s Birthday Missions (Maga Valley, Ventus & Libera, Oriens & Inferno) will transform Nell. This transformation may unveil some of her secrets or might just add more to her mystery...

Pangya Tomahawk: The Second Journey
Pangya Tomahawk: The Second Journey has new surprises in store for Pangya Players. Want to find out more? Stay tuned and check back often. We’ll be embarking on The Second Journey on 9/26/2012!

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Re: Global Pangya Preview September 2012

Mensagem por Rudel em 10th Setembro 2012, 1:26 pm

cheio de eventos..... vou pegar folga na sexta e tentar entrar na do

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